The SOUL Record® measures progression in soft outcomes and has been adopted by many organisations as a means of evidencing impact for quality reviews (such as Ofsted Inspections) and to support funding applications so it is vital that the integrity and quality of the toolkit is maintained.  Training is essential to ensure accuracy, develop a consistent approach, build confidence (for both Practitioner and Client), develop knowledge and achieve outcomes.

All account users are required to complete the SOUL Record® Practitioners’ Course.  The programme includes a final assessment and covers:

  • Impact, Outputs and Outcomes
  • The Outcomes Triangle
  • Mentoring and the GROW model
  • Navigating the SOUL Record site
  • Using the toolkit resources
  • Generic Scenarios

The course is available online or can be delivered by our tutors, either at City College Norwich or on your own premises. 

  • The online programme benefits organisations that hold only a small number of user accounts.  The cost is £45 per person.
  • Classroom-based delivery facilitates discussion and can therefore focus on specific scenarios linked to the organisation’s service.  The cost is £120 per person with an additional charge for training on your premises.
  • Bespoke training is available for organisations that want to commission a new questionnaire to reflect their service.  Prices available on request.  

All courses are certificated by City College Norwich.  The training can therefore be part of a CPD programme, confirming to quality inspectors that staff using the toolkit are qualified and the provision is standardised across the organisation. 

SOUL Record® Trainers’ Course

We also offer a 2 day programme for organisations that would benefit from an ‘in house’ trainer to support a large number of users.  This is a bespoke course on how to apply the SOUL Record® in your organisation and how to support other Practitioners.  Prices available on request.

Existing SOUL Record Trainers have only been trained in the use of the previous paper based versions of the toolkit and are not qualified to offer training for the online version.  If you are an existing SOUL Record Trainer and interested in delivering training for the online version, please contact us direct.