The SOUL Record® can play a key part in establishing the relationship with an individual and building up trust when working with vulnerable people.  Selecting the right Questionnaire is therefore important and is a main feature of The SOUL Record® training (see Training tab for more details).

Questionnaires for Adults contain statements categorised into three areas - Practical, Attitude, Inter/Personal.

Getting to Know You offers an overview with statements on timing, health & safety, confidence, money management and appearance.  2 questions allow the Practitioner to insert words (‘I feel part of …..’ and ‘I take responsibility for…..’).

Community (neighbourhood), Parenting (self as parent) and Raising Aspirations (education) are three generic Questionnaires for use where the support and/or need is focused on these areas.

The following Adult Questionnaires are for use in specific settings:

1        Getting to Know You – Older Person focus on care

2        Parents of Children under 5 years understanding how you look after yourself and your baby

3        Parents of Children 6+ recognising how responsibilities change as children get older

4        About Being a Parent confidence in role as a parent

7        Parenting, Child Development understanding play and learning at early age

9        Parenting self, family and child roles & relationships

11      Adult (Young Person) Cooking, Eating Habits importance of shopping, cooking and eating food

12      Parenting Children under 5 years enjoyment, wellbeing, making a positive contribution

13      Parents of Children under 5 years emotions, communication, learning

16      Parents of School Aged Children relationship with child's school

17      Parenting Skills (Children under 5 years) family support setting

18      Health & Physical Wellbeing support (self and others) with anxiety & depression

20      Lifestyle and Physical Health knowledge and responsibilities for health

21      Health & Physical Wellbeing factors that impact on managing health (back pain)

22      Relationships domestic abuse

26      Child Development, Parenting recognising and supporting development

30      Parenting Skills, Children under 5 years mapped to 'Every Child Matters'

31      Parenting Skills, Children 6 years + relationship with child, child's relationship with others

32      Parents, General, Receiving Support generic framework

33        Parents of Children aged 5 years and under communication, finance and future

Questionnaires for Young People and Children contain statements categorised into the five areas – Being Healthy, Staying Safe, Enjoying and Achieving, Making a Positive Contribution and Economic Wellbeing.

Getting to Know You (11 years +)

5        Experiences of School

10      Young Person 16 years + Education and Training goals & opportunities

11      (Adult) Young Person Cooking, Eating Habits importance of shopping, cooking and eating food

14      Behaviour offending behaviour & victim awareness

15      Skills & Aspirations

19      Anger Management recognising and staying safe

23      Behaviour, Anger Management awareness of others, being responsible

24      Health, Relationships mapped to 'Every Child Matters'

25      Healthy Lifestyle independence and responsibility

29      General mapped to 'Every Child Matters'

Getting to Know You - Child 6 years +

8        Knowledge of Science identifying interest in science

19      (Older Child) Anger Management recognising and staying safe

27a    Aged 5 years and under mapped to 'Every Child Matters' using weather symbols

27b    Aged 5 years and under mapped to 'Every Child Matters' using smiley faces

28      General 11 years + mapped to 'Every Child Matters'


We offer a bespoke service to organisations wishing to adapt a Questionnaire for use within specific settings. Please get in touch using the ‘Contact’ tab.