Benefits of using The SOUL Record®

The SOUL Record® is a useful resource for both one-to-one support and group work. It is suitable for projects where there is face to face contact with individuals over a period of time, including projects, courses and support programmes.

  • Talking a client through The SOUL Record® can act as an important part of establishing a relationship with an individual and building up trust when working with vulnerable people.
  • The SOUL Record® enables reflection on beliefs, core values and skills
  • The categorisation of the three main areas – Attitude, Inter/Personal & Practical (which includes Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL) provides a holistic overview of the feelings, attitude and needs of the Client, providing structure and focus to sessions. These categories recognise the contribution of soft outcomes and informal learning to social inclusion.
  • The SOUL Record® has been adopted by many County Councils’ Children’s Services and Family Support departments to provide evidence of impact and progression to Ofsted.
  • It is also used widely to provide evidence of outcomes, outputs and impact to support funding applications and inform financial and compliance audits.
  • The SOUL Record® facilitates the recognition and recording of an individual’s progress and achievement in non-accredited (informal) learning.  The SOUL Record® is RARPA compliant (Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement in non-accredited learning).