About The SOUL Record®

The SOUL Record® is a flexible and effective toolkit for measuring progression in soft outcomes and provides evidence in a graphical format for individuals and groups.

It was produced with all stakeholders in mind, but is client-centred, giving Clients a voice.  The SOUL Record® enables them to identify what is going well in their life and the things they want to change to make their life better.  It develops the relationship with the person working with them (the Practitioner) and shows the progress they have made.  This in itself is motivating and boosts confidence.

For Practitioners, The SOUL Record® is a starting point, giving structure and focus to the client-practitioner interaction.  It provides a framework without being prescriptive and a greater sense of purpose to sessions.  It facilitates a consistent approach and enables Practitioners to get to know their Client more quickly, so they can start helping them sooner  The toolkit measures each Client’s progress and achievement, which is motivating for Practitioners and provides a record for them to share with colleagues (eg: in a multi-disciplinary team meeting).

For Managers, The SOUL Record® provides evidence for supervising bodies such as Ofsted and supports funding applications.  It can help improve the service through feedback about what works well and what could be improved.  In addition, The SOUL Record® can provide an exit strategy for those working with Clients for an indeterminate time.  It encourages Clients to move forward and reduces the expectation that support will be unlimited.

For funders and Inspectors, The SOUL Record® provides quantitative data, evidencing progression and impact.