The Soul Record will be closed to access by all organisations except City College Norwich users on June 30th 2018.

The Soul Record will not be providing new licences and account holders have been notified that existing licences will not be renewed at the end of their contract periods. Please contact your account holder with any queries.

Measuring the Immeasurable

The SOUL Record® is an online, flexible toolkit which provides an effective way of measuring progression in soft outcomes.  

While ‘hard outcomes’ are tangible achievements that can be both measured and evidenced (such as qualifications or progression into employment), ‘soft outcomes’ are achievements which are not traditionally measured directly (eg: an increase in confidence or self-esteem).  Soft outcomes are often gained through support, guidance or training interventions.

The SOUL Record® is appropriate for one-to-one work and projects where there is face-to-face contact with individuals over a period of time; this could include classes, mentoring and/or support programmes.  It gives practitioners and organisations the ability to directly assess the impact of intervention/support on soft outcomes and to pinpoint where a client or participant may require extra support or guidance.

The SOUL Record® is the result of a three year research project, led by City College Norwich in partnership with Norfolk Voluntary Services, to devise a client-centred system of measuring soft outcomes.   The first phase involved The Benjamin Foundation, BREAK, Creative Arts East, Norwich Community Workshop, College in the Community and the North Lynn Discovery Project.  More than 42 voluntary and community organisations (representing children, family, carers, victim support, schools, young parents, minority ethnic and education groups) participated in the testing phase.

By measuring changes over time in outcomes such as confidence, self-esteem and the acquisition of practical skills, organisations are able to demonstrate the distance that individuals or groups have travelled.  For many users, The SOUL Record® provides evidence for quality reviews including Ofsted Inspections and to support funding applications.

SOUL has completely changed our support plan and the way we work

SOUL is the turning point for the future of funding

The theory about SOUL and its ideology needs to be commended.  It’s about time

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